The Montauk Monster Mystery Creature

The Montauk monster mystery creature is one that allegedly ended up washed up on the shores of a popular beach located in the area of Montauk, which is located in New York. This incident occurred in the month of July in the year of 2008. On the 23rd day of July, a story was written in the paper called “The Independent”. It covered the fact that a lady named Jenna Hewitt and a few of her close friends stumbled upon the creature. She took a picture of the mystery creature and it was included with the story. Since that day, the Montauk monster has been the subject of much controversy.

Until the 29th day of July in 2008, the mysterious creature was referred to as “The Hound of Bonacville”. However, a popular Cryptozoologist by the name of Loren Coleman gave it a new name. It was then identified as the “Montauk Monster”. Many scientists and researchers have studied this mystery creature. Many believe that the creature could be a raccoon. However, there are many that believe that it could be a turtle that actually became detached from its shell. There are some, though, that believe it could be a result of an experiment from a testing facility that uses animals that is owned by the government that is near to where it was found, which is called the “Plum Island Animal Disease Center”.

The Montauk monster mystery creature has been evaluated time and time again. For each animal that it is associated with, there is an issue in confirmation. There is an issue in it being a raccoon because the legs are too long. While it could have been a turtle that detached from its shell, these animals do not have teeth. It has been compared to a rodent, but lacks the incisor teeth that are curved which are characteristic to rodents. It has been compared to a type of canine. Unfortunately, the eye structure and the feet are not an appropriate match. Many have considered the fact that it could be a chicken or even some type of sheep – but, there again – those animals do not have the teeth that this mystery creature has.

On the 7th day of August in the year of 2008, government officials from the State of New York decided to take action. By this time, the mystery creature had been mentioned on numerous news stations and television shows. Individuals had heard about it on the internet. In addition to this, the internet was literally swarming with information on the animal. The government stated that they felt as if the creature was a dog for all intents and purposes. However, they agreed to take the corpse and conduct research on it. It was stated that this would be a future project. To date, there has not been any information released on the evaluations that were being performed on the creature. To date, the Montauk monster remains to be one of the nation’s greatest unsolved mysteries related to animals.

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