The Owlman

The Owlman is a mysterious creature that several individuals claimed to have witnessed during the late part of the 1970s in the Cornwall village called "Mawnan". This creature is considered to be quite similar to the popular "Mothman" that is often the subject of attention in the United States. It is a creature that is considered to be a "Hybrid" among those that study cryptozoology. This means that it combines the anatomy of at least two known animals or living entities. In the case of this mystery creature, the elements of anatomy that are directly related to humans as well as owls are combined to create a frightening creature. However, the overall size of this animal is said to be equivalent to humans.

Many individuals believe that this particular creature is simply a hoax that was initiated once individuals in the United States started experiencing the famous Mothman sightings. However, there are many eyewitness accounts and personal experiences that make us believe that this is a very real creature to the individuals that live in Britain - particularly in the woods of Mawnan as well as the cemetery that is maintained by what locals refer to as the "Mawnan Old Church". Most of the individuals that have experienced the Owlman firsthand have been found to be young females. The witnesses have been children and teenagers. Seeing that teenage girls are often associated with poltergeist hauntings, many paranormal investigators believe that the Owlman may be a demonic entity or type of poltergeist.

Witnesses claim that this animal has the capability of flying. There were many who believed at once point that the stories were about someone in a costume intending to frighten people. That theory stayed in place until the creature was actually seen flying in the air. The eyes of the creature are said to glow red in color. There are claws on the feet that are very large and are black in color. The creature has feathers. Usually, these are described as being "White", but many have stated that the feathers are actually “Gray”. In addition to the physical description, witnesses have claimed that the creature makes a very frightening and threatening hissing noise when it observes people and animals.

During the time in which the creature was seen most frequently in the Cornwall area, which was in 1976, there were many strange events occurring. For example, the weather would bounce between being extremely hot and extremely cold. Many individuals made several reports during the time that they witnessed UFOs in the night sky. Furthermore, basic animals that usually did not display signs of aggression acted unusually aggressive during this period of time. Could the weather have an impact on the creation of such a creature? Could the creature be related to the UFO sightings? The mystery of the Owlman will continue to spark interest in those seeking to obtain answers to this great debate.

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