Who Are The Shadow People?

You see something As you look towards the vision, it disappears. Many would quickly attribute the dark vision to an eye anomaly. However, for many, they have experienced this and were able to see it straight on. For these individuals, the experience was frightening and quite out of the ordinary. Imagine standing in the midst of a dark, ominous shadow that is not your own. Imagine being able to see the dark figures that have been dancing in your peripheral vision straight on. Welcome to the experience of the shadow people.

Many individuals have had experiences with shadow ghosts. Most of the time, the images of these dark figures are nothing more than simply than a passing glance. In other instances, the shadow people make themselves known by appearing directly in front of a person or a group of people. They may appear as shadows that are wearing hats, hoods, cloaks, or more. They may appear as a smoky image, a solid image, or even a wispy image. They may be a half body, or come as a full body. Shadow spirits are not quite ghosts but not quite human, they are not quite haunting, but they are paranormal.

The shadow ghosts are known to hide in corners, hide in the shadows of tangible items, and dart off into dark places, away from the living. However, as time has progressed, these unique paranormal based groups have acquired a natural interest in certain people, certain places, and events. It is believed that each of the shadow spirits have their own unique personality, their own purpose, and their own intent. Many associate the shadow figures with ghosts and/or a type of haunting. While, in all aspects they do qualify as such, many describe these beings as "Inter-Dimensional". Regardless of who they shadow people really are, we know that their existence is real and to date, that existence is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

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