Shadow People: Theories behind the Unexplained Phenomenon

When it comes to the world of the paranormal, there are many theories behind the unexplained phenomenon of shadow people. Ghost hunters are consistently striving to acquire documentation of the existence and reason for existence of the shadows that seem to have a life of their own. Ghost stories are consistently circulating on the internet about the personal experiences that many have had with these mysterious beings. While many believe that these beings are ghosts, others do not believe that they are ghosts but are definitely paranormal. Many investigators have tried to provide paranormal assistance to those experiencing close encounters with the shadow people. In this guide, you will learn information about the theories that they have surrounding this unexplained phenomenon.

When it comes to the spirit shadows, it has been discovered that they are a bit different in appearance and identifying characteristics. These paranormal beings do not have features that are considered to be "recognizable". Many individuals who have claimed to have experienced ghosts have made claims about the human characteristics, and other details such as clothing representing a specific time frame. Shadow ghosts are dark, almost ominous looking beings. They typically lack mass, as well as facial features. They are often described as "shadows", "shapes", or even "mists". Many have an intense feeling of dread and discomfort when they experience the unexplained phenomenon of these seemingly dark spirits.

The first theory associated with the paranormal and unexplained phenomenon of shadow people is that they are demonic creatures or beings. Many believe that these people are manifested from negative energy surrounding a person, a place, and sometimes even an event. There are others that believe that these supernatural beings are angels that work to forewarn the living of potentially devastating events, or situations. These theories are not in line with the opinion of ghost hunters and paranormal investigators that believe shadow people are ghosts, but they do line up with the fact that they are paranormal in basis.

Many individuals have the theory that the unexplained phenomenon of shadow people directly relates to a "soul" of a person in travel. This travel could be related to the art of astral projection, individuals that may be in a coma or experiencing some degree of unconsciousness, a person that is dreaming, or perhaps the art of quantum leaping from a parallel universe. There are many that believe that the unexplained phenomenon is directly related to the individuals of the future. It is believed that as time progresses, humans will discover how to travel through time. As a result, they may come back to the time of our present for one reason or another. It is believed that they attempt to appear to us, but that the technology is limited to only appearing as a simple shadow of a person. Last but not least, many believe these could represent souls that are in travel and exploration from other planets.

Regardless of what the unexplained phenomenon of shadow people truly is - ghost, spirit, alien, demon, time traveler, what have you - for many, this is a very real type of being. Solidity does not constitute reality - especially in the world of the greatest unsolved mysteries.

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