The Skunk Ape Mystery Creature or Myth?

Is the Skunk Ape truly a mystery creature of our world or a myth? There are several witnesses and an assortment of researchers that claim this creature is, in fact, quite real. This type of ape is also referred to as the "Swamp Ape" and many call it a "Stink Ape". This mystery creature is believed to roam the lands that are native to the Southeast portion of the United States of America. There have been eyewitness accounts in the States of Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and even in the Carolinas. The most common sightings of this ape like creature seem to occur in the Everglades located in the State of Florida.

The name of this mystery creature was established due to the fact that it has a very disheveled appearance a foul odor that is associated with it. The national based park service of the United States claims that the legend of the Skunk Ape is strictly a myth, however there are many people who claim to have witnessed this that believe that the creature does exist. Initial reports started pouring in about witness accounts of the creature as early as the 1960s, but even to this day, individuals still claim that they have heard, seen, or smelled the ape like creature.

A man by the name of Dave Shealy has devoted a tremendous portion of his life learning as much as possible about the Skunk Ape - particularly the ones that are rumored to be native to Florida. This man wishes to bring forth evidence that the creature does exist and educate the general public on the mystery creature. He has appeared on television shows on the Discovery Channel, TLC, Travel Channel, and several others. He has been seen on "Unsolved Mysteries", "The Pulse" and several other shows. He works in the area of Florida known as "Big Cypress Swamp" and actively searches for the mysterious creature.

This type of creature is believed to be relatively large and completely covered in hair. It is identified as a "Bipedal Mammal". The full grown males are believed to average in at about seven feet in height and 450 pounds. The animal is believed to be closely related to the famous "Big Foot". As a matter of fact, many refer it as the "Florida Bigfoot". In Putnam County, Florida there is a city called "Bardin". Many individuals have said that they have witnessed a Skunk Ape that is locally called the "Bardin Booger". Many that have witnessed this type of ape state that the smell it emits is compared to a foul smelling gas or eggs. While this creature has yet to be validated officially, those that have witnessed it know it is more than a myth. The Skunk Ape is considered to be one of the South’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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