Starchild Skull – A Human-Alien Hybrid Discovery?

The discovery of the Starchild skull has plagued the minds of scientists and other professionals for many years. While many professionals believe that the skull is that of a human-alien hybrid, there are many other professionals that strongly debate this possibility. The discovery of the Starchild skull occurred in the year of 1930. This occurred in the Chihuahua region of Mexico. This finding has captured the interest and minds of millions of people since that year. The miners that made the discovery were at the back of a tunnel that was used for mining at the time. They discovered a regular skeletal remains of a human body as well as a skeleton of something that appeared to be deformed when compared to the human remains that were discovered. The individuals that have focused on studies surrounding this skull have performed quite a bit of DNA and scientific tests on it. Today, many consider the Starchild skull to be the remains of a human-alien hybrid. This has led to considerable amounts of speculation and fascination.

When the skull was first found, many believed it was simply a skull of a child that was abnormal due to disease or illness. One of the most commonly cited suggestion is Crouzon Syndrome, while others have suggested it might be cradle boarding or even Brachycephaly. Still, the number of suggestions came in for the Starchild skull, but none of them actually could be linked to what was found which continued to fuel the Human-Alien hybrid speculation. Based on the interest in the skull, testing went underway. Professionals, to establish more information to help solve the mystery surrounding the Starchild skull, did these tests. What was done first was a dentist was brought in to inspect it. While he reviewed the remains, he noted that the child was between 4 ½ or even 5 years old. However, that isn't where the shocker came in. What adds a level of speculation that continues to push towards the Human-Alien hybrid theory is the fact that the brain cavity in the skull is larger than an adult's brain. Along with that, there is mammalian bone that is made from calcium hydroxypatite and there is no front sinus at all.

It is during this time, that researchers become heavily interested in this skull. Since the time it was found, the skull has been exposed to Carbon 14 dating. In this process, we find that the results have led the researchers to believe that it is around 900 years old. This means the discovery wasn't anything new and there is no idea how the child ended up in the tunnel. More importantly, no one can figure out what exactly this child is. When that was done, DNA testing began as well and this is where things become a little complicated. When DNA testing was done, there have been mixed results and it isn't clear on what to make from them. While many researchers agree there are X and Y chromosomes taken from the skull, many disagree on if the DNA shows full DNA of a human or the Human-Alien hybrid. As time progresses and DNA has improved, the common consensus has become that yes, in fact that there is an alternate species mixed with the child and it is unlike anything that can be found in this world.

While testing will continue on the Starchild skull, we begin to wonder what it will mean for future generations. Could it be that this ancient skull can finally unlock the mysteries that surround the existence of aliens, or is it possible that when all is said and done, we will have nothing more than a child who had an illness that altered their DNA? Speculation will continue, but until then this remains one of the greatest mysteries around and one that will continue to enchant people for many years to come. Typically, the medical community and the scientific community are able to come together in order to make a determination on the origin of a skull. However, this is simply not the case with the Starchild skull. There is low evidence that the remains are of human origin. Until that evidence is discovered, the Starchild skull will likely continue to be viewed as a human-alien hybrid and be viewed as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the world.

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