The Mysteries of Crop Circles

The mysteries of crop circles have intrigued many individuals throughout history. Crop circles consist of strange and unusual formations that are typically created in grain based crops. The crop that is affected normally exhibits patterns that seem to appear quickly and with no logical explanation. These unusual patterns and designs started to receive a lot of attention in the 20th century, but there are accounts of unusual crop circles dating back to earlier periods in history. The earliest documented account occurred in the year of 1678.

A news story surrounding a particular crop circle in the year of 1678 was released and it was called "Strange News out of Hartford-shire". When the story came out, it displayed a creature that reflected the devil with a scythe cutting a crop. It was based on the story of a farmer that possessed a high level of greed. This farmer was said to be so stingy that he refused to pay a professional mower a reasonable price to reap the oats that he had grown.

He made a statement that he would much rather that the devil himself did the work than pay to have it done. He went to bed that night and slept peacefully. The next day he started towards the crop and realized that it had been harvested. However, it was done so with such a perfect hand that no person could have done it. He refused to go into the fields afterwards. This is only one of many of the mysteries of crop circles that exist.

Amazingly, in the year of 1999, there were nearly two hundred crop circles documented. The exact number is actually one hundred ninety. It is believed that whatever created the crop circles had the purpose and intent of expressing things to come when the new millennium occurred. Many believe that the mysteries of crop circles are related to UFOs and aliens or extraterrestrial beings. There are others that believe that humans create the amazingly detailed artistic circles. Despite the real reason and culprit of the crop circles, they remain to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries

Despite the fact that crop circle information now abounds abundantly on the internet and in libraries worldwide, the phenomenon is not at all modern. Prior to the year of 1970, approximately two hundred accounts have been officially reported. Many individuals have specified that the crop formations have occurred rapidly, while others have reported strange occurrences in conjunction with the formations. Examples of these include seeing exceptionally bright arrays of light and even unidentified flying objects. However, it was not until the 1980s that serious contemplation was given to the mysteries of crop circles. This marked the period when numerous formations developed in the southern region of England.

The designs associated with the formations commonly found in crops such as wheat, rye and barley are often circular in nature. However, there are also designs that include rings, symbols, lines that are straight in nature, and various types of pictograms. As time progressed, the designs started to increase in complexity. Today, it is not at all unusual to observe crop formations that resemble fourth dimensional shapes and patterns that may be observed in physics and computer created designs. The reports and incidents related to the mysteries of crop circles have increased dramatically since the 1980s. Crop circle information and statistics indicate that there are well over ten thousand documentations of these unusual occurrences worldwide. Approximately ninety percent of all of these cases stem from the southern region of England.

Based on the crop circle information that has been pulled from reported incidents, it has been established that these formations typically occur in the early morning hours. The most common times seem to be between two and four in the morning. However, there have been reports of these magnificent designs being constructed during the daytime hours. Many theories abound on how these formations are developed. In some instances, individuals believe that the designs are man-made and several circles have even been accounted to certain individuals. Many have made the assumption that they are created by various types of meteorological phenomenon or are a result of animal activity. Still, there are many that believe that the formations have a paranormal basis. The mysteries of crop circles continue to perplex the minds of even the greatest researchers. Despite all of the crop circle information available, these oddities continue to remain to be one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time.

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