The Tikbalang Mystery Creature

The Tikbalang mystery creature is one that is native to the Philippines. It is a monster that is common to the stories of mythology that surround the area. When described, it is identified as a creature that is relatively tall and quite bony. It appears to have many human characteristics. Many have made comparisons of the creature to the popular Centaur that is common to the mythological creatures of the Greek Mythology stories. It is often described as having characteristics of both a man and a horse.

According to the mythology stories of the Philippines, the mystery creature is said to live in trees that are very large. Many witnesses claim that these mysterious creatures actually smoke tobacco products while sitting high in the trees of the region. It is said that the animals also dwell in areas such as the woods and even the swamps. Many travelers have attested to the fact that when they came upon these creatures while journeying that they lead them in the wrong direction – seemingly on purpose. Those that have experienced the Tikbalang state that it has the ability to look and sounds like someone that they are close to. In some instances, the individual follows the creature due to the fact that there is a level of familiarity to it. It is believed that many missing persons have been subjected to the mischief of the creature.

There are many superstitions associated with the Tikbalang. It is believed that when the sun is still shining and there is a sudden onset of rain that one of these creatures is getting married. In other beliefs, it is said that the mystery creature may only clean itself when the moon is full. It is believed that these creatures have the capability and have been known to fall in love with humans. This probably sparked the belief that the creatures were once very beautiful women who, when they grew into old women, took on the appearance that they are known to possess.

The individuals in the Philippines believe that there are several ways to trick the Tikbalang. If one is traveling and believes that their path is being misdirected by the creature should take their shirt and turn it inside out. It is also stated that if the traveler makes the request to pass the creature and stays ahead of it that the journey of the traveler will not be misdirected. If you get close enough to the creature, you should try to remove a total of three hairs from the mane of the creature. If this is done, it is said that the mystery creature may be trained and kept as a servant. The reality is, no one knows for sure if this creature exists, but it is one of the greatest mysteries of the Philippines.

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