The Tree Man Medical Mystery

The "Tree Man" medical mystery has baffled medical professionals for two decades. The man identified as the "Tree Man" is Dede Kosawa that lives in Indonesia. This man has experienced a lot of ridicule and challenges throughout his lifetime. The man claimed that when he was fifteen years of age, he cut his knee. Shortly after the incident, he started to experience growths on his body that resembled that of actual tree roots. Doctors have now confirmed that the growths that he experienced were warts that resulted from a condition known as the "Human Papillomavirus" or "HPV". In addition to this, it appears as if he had an immune defect as a result of his genetic makeup.

When Dede Kosawa was evaluated by medical professionals, it was discovered that he had an extremely low count of white blood cells. White blood cells play a vital role when it comes to the immune system as they assist in combating infections. This is the main reason why the warts or growths developed so rapidly and to such a severe degree. The virus literally latched on to the cells in his skin and as a result of that, his body began to produce large amounts of a protein that is found in the nails on the body as well as in the hair – keratin. Once this occurred, the hands as well as the feet developed what was referred to as "Cutaneous Horns".

As time progressed, the wart growths of the Tree Man began to occur on other locations of the body. They started to appear on his arms and legs, his face, and other areas of the body. He began to worry that it would eventually affect his ability to eat and his ability to see. The warts on his hands and his feet already produced challenges such as being unable to dress himself, being unable to use his hands, and being unable to walk long distances. Once conducting work in the fishing industry and even in the construction industry, Dede Kosawa's growths resulted in his inability to work and care for his children in an appropriate fashion.

Today, Dede has undergone several surgeries and medical treatments. He has progressed, but still experiences the complications of reappearing warts. Luckily, the growths are continuously removed and he has experienced skin grafts in order to regain a stable appearance. While he still has warts on the hands and the feet, he is able to move more easily and care for himself more efficiently. The Tree Man has suffered very much throughout his lifetime, but he is a courageous character that is consistently strives to win the war over his medical mystery.

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