UFO Alien Invasion Possibly Responsible for Crop Circles
in the UK

It is believed that a UFO alien invasion is possibly responsible for crop circles that appeared in the UK in July of 2009. In Wiltshire, a police officer reported observing beings that could possibly be aliens studying a crop where a crop circle was present. The officer was not officially on duty when he made the observation, but he did make an official report on the matter. As he was driving near the location, he noticed three individuals dressed in full white body suits. The initial assumption by the officer was that the individuals were officers that studied forensics. The police man stopped his vehicle and attempted to initiate conversation, but it was apparent that the individuals do not hear him.

As the officer moved closer into the field where the crop circle was located, the beings noticed him and ran away in a fashion that is unusually quick for humans. The officer noticed that all of the figures appeared to be over six feet in height and that they had hair that was blonde in color. As he progressed more closely to the crop circle, he started to hear a noise that reflected an electrical induced hum. He described the sound as "static electricity". He experienced a high level of discomfort. At this point, he turned around and got back into his vehicle. He knew this was unusual. For the remainder of the day, the individual suffered from a severe headache. Is the headache a possible side effect of a potential UFO alien invasion?

While this could be written off as a one time event, there have been other mysterious events that have taken place in the same location. On the 23rd day of May in the year of 1994, a group of researchers were evaluating a circle that was placed in the same crop. These individuals noticed a large assortment of individuals with the military. It seemed as if immediately, they lost track of time and an entire forty five minutes had passed. They seemingly became alert again and lost additional time immediately thereafter with no logical explanation. Once "coming to", they each noticed red marks in the area of the neck. They also had nose bleeds prior to the close of the day.

In the year 1990, a possible UFO alien invasion occurred. The military was performing a training exercise when they were able to capture a white orb that was considered to be unusual and unidentified. The training was called "Operation Blackbird". One individual in the area reported coming face to face with what was believed to be an alien that was up to nine feet in height. Then, there are witness accounts that state government personnel visited them with a book filled with drawings of potential alien life forms. UFO alien invasion or hysteria? The answer to this question remains to be an unsolved mystery.

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