Types of UFO Aliens Greys

Based on sightings, and direct contact accounts, there are believed to be many types of UFO aliens. One of the most popular types are referred to as "Greys". When it comes to close encounters pertaining to extraterrestrial life and claims of abductions by alternate universe life forms, the UFO aliens Greys are often described as being involved in one way or another. This type of UFO alien is considered to be humanoid as far as its characteristics are concerned and seem to have a high level of intelligence based on eye witness accounts.

The UFO aliens Greys are described as having skin that is gray in color. Upon observation, they apparently have humanoid characteristics such as arms, legs, a head, and a torso but seem to lack the same organ composition as humans. It is also said that these aliens lack the same anatomical features as humans. In the United States, out of all alien encounter reports, it is estimated that an astonishing 43% of all cases involve UFO aliens Greys. In Canada, this percentage is 90 and an amazing 67% in Brazil. In Europe and other locations in the world, "Greys" are not reported as often when it comes to UFO sightings and alien encounters.

Individuals that have come in contact with the "Greys" state that their skin looks and feels as if it is composed of some sort of artificial material. Those who claim that they have been abducted by these beings are often traumatized psychologically due to the emotional and physiological experiments and tests conducted on them by this particular type of UFO alien. The eyes of the beings are said to be black and emotionless. Individuals who have looked into the eyes of the "Greys" claim that they do not move at all, they simply stare blankly ahead. When this type of alien stares into the eyes of a human, it is said to produce a hallucinogenic and hypnotic state.

Are the UFO aliens "Greys" real or a figment of our imagination? It is actually quite hard to say. Given the fact that numerous individuals from all time periods and all countries have claimed to have witnessed these mysterious creatures, it is hard to argue whether or not the beings are real or made up. Are aliens real? Is there such a thing as the alien race often referred to as the 'Greys"? Today, this still remains to be one of the world’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

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